About Us

There are many channels through which creativity grows. We began brewing our own beer more than 20 years ago and have enjoyed the finer brews from around the world long before it became trendy to do so.

BrewerShirts evolved from disappointment. "Beer" t-shirts were silly, sophomoric and allowed the wearer to pimp the logo of bland, fizzy, yellow, corporate breweries and proclaim to the world how much they love getting wasted.

We were one of the first to create apparel that celebrated the art of brewing and the love of fine beer. This past decade has seen the craft beer culture explode - microbreweries, beer festivals, mix and match packs, growlers to go, homebrewing, and many more choices for cool shirts and gear. But we were there first, and we're still the best.

We screen print our tees by hand in our home studio, using eco-friendly inks, materials and processes. BrewerShirts is a family business and a labor of love.