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Make Money With The BrewerShirts Affiliate Program

Got a blog? Want to make some extra money?

You can earn 10% of every sale you refer to our website. Simply apply your affiliate code to the end of any link to our site. We'll track customers who follow your link and credit you for a percentage of anything they buy. Once you reach $50 in credits, we cut you a check. Simple.

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Slow down there pardner. We don't just let anyone into the program. All affiliates are hand selected. We give preference to blogs, websites and social media that are oriented towards craft beer, home brewing, wine, or t-shirt culture.

No coupon or discount sites allowed. No spamming, inappropriate links, bait and switch, return scams, link farms, adware, or any illegal or shady stuff. We reserve the right to reject or remove you for any reason whatsoever.

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We will review your application. Once accepted, you will be required to provide your Tax Identification Number and agree to the Terms of Agreement.


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